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More Windy City Eats

IN A POST OVER at Jaunted today, I talk about Uncommon Ground, a local eco-friendly restaurant chain in Chicago. Check out that article here, or see reviews at Yelp.

Inadvertently Vegetarian in Chicago

Photo collage of Kopi Cafe by Phineas Jones.

I’M DOWN IN THE Windy City for a couple days visiting my friend The Harbinger. While cycling along the cold streets I came across Kopi, a self-described “Traveler’s Cafe,” serving up a pretty delicious vegetarian menu. (I’m normally a meat-eater, but the seitan Blue Burger was fantastic.)

Warm up here with hot masala tea and lounge at the Thai-style low tables. The walls are stacked with Lonely Planet guides and Moleskine notebooks for purchase, and above the bookshelves hang clocks marking the time in Kyoto, Goa, Yogyakarta and other far-flung locales. Worth a stop if you’re on the north side.

Dining Alone in the International District

IN THE SUMMER OF 2003, my friends and I often took jaunts up to Seattle’s International District – it was a colorful escape from the humdrum suburb where we grew up, and had an indefineable grittiness that I was fascinated by. Walking the streets brought a range of unfamiliar sights: Roasted ducks hanging by their necks in restaurant windows. A shop selling candy and cigarettes – nothing else. Leering elderly Chinese men. A bamboo garden, perched atop a hill on the edge of the neighborhood, where we would sit and while away the afternoon in the sun.

The area has captured the affection of many Seattlites, and the way to their hearts has often been through their stomachs. In a recent article for The Stranger, Angela Garbes tells of her romance with the neighborhood and its eateries, including cockroaches and all. While I can’t necessarily vouch for her restaurant picks (she covers a lot of territory I left unexplored), her story of dining solo in the ID is definitely worth a read.

Photo: international district at night, by P.J.S.

Freeze-dried Rambutan

fresh rambutan. photo by chotda.

As a writing exercise, today my professor passed around a bag of Trader Joe’s freeze-dried rambutan – a spiny red fruit with white lychee-like flesh, native to Southeast Asia – and asked us to describe the flavor in one sentence. Mine was:

Freeze-dried Rambutan smells like something from the sea floor fell into a patch strawberries, goes over the tongue with the texture of artificially fruit-flavored pumice, and dissolves into a mash of half-fishy, half-peachy flavor – and I can’t … stop … eating … it.”

Mom always said to try new things.

Paris: Dine Where You Like

A mob of 7,500 deep, clad in classy white evening wear, descended onto one of Paris’ busiest roads yesterday for a common cause: to dine.

Via SeriousEats: the yearly event is known as “flashmob in white,” and the location is kept secret until the last possible moment. This year? Arc de Triomphe at the top of the Champs Elysees – by the time the police got there, everyone was too busy sipping wine and eating their three-course meal to notice. More at France 24.

Photo courtesy of Eric @ ParisDailyPhoto

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