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Freezing in Wisco (Dreaming of Argentina)

In the Sunday morning calm, I laid under a puffy down comforter and listened to a solitary bird rhytmically chirping its melody. My eyes weren’t open yet, and I basked in the fantasy of it being late spring – I imagined the windows open, with balmy air slowly flowing through the bug screen, a pair of shorts and flip-flops on the floor, and a chorus of birds singing praises of longer hours of daylight and the coming of green leaves.

All of this was shattered, of course, as I sleepily rose and flipped open my computer to the weather report: a deathly -5 degrees (that’s -25 with windchill). Damn, winter in the Midwest.

Perusing around the Internets, I came upon today’s travel piece from the NYTimes, “Making the Most of Those Long Argentine Nights”:

VERY late one Wednesday night in November, Calle Balcarce was deserted. By day this street in San Telmo — the quintessential “old Buenos Aires” neighborhood — would have hummed with pedestrians enjoying the warmth of late spring, but now the stone and concrete buildings glowed lonely yellow under the street lamps. Even my destination, a club called X Vos, looked abandoned; only a pair of smokers killing time on the sidewalk hinted that anything might be happening inside.

The author, Matt Gross, tells tales of packing the warm night until dawn with chic clubs and dingy bars – and narrarates to us tales of the bohemian good life in Puerto Madero – a “trendy” neighborhood he describes as having undergone SoHo-like transformation.

Drooling over the idea of an Argentinian croissant eaten slowly with some espresso at a sunny cafe (Gross’s preferred breakfast), I decide to dip myself further into fantasy (indulging both curiosity and masochism) by checking the current weather in Buenos Aires: 82 degrees and clear.

Until the last of these frigid winter blasts fizzles into warmer air, the closest I’ll be getting to long party nights is watching L’Auberge Espagnole in my apartment – maybe I’ll turn the heat up, too.

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