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This Week’s Wandering News

A lot of interesting travel/global interest related stuff in the blogosphere and media this week, thought I’d share:

I’ll shamefully admit to being a Seattle native who’s never spent much time in Portland, Ore. – and today’s New York Times article titled 36 Hours in Portland has whet my appetite for a trip back to the Northwest. The piece has great information on where to eat and how to spend quality time in the city with a small-town feel and a global environmental concious (even the Portland tourism site apparently runs on renewable energy!)

Pam Mandel sparks a great discussion on tourism and authenticy over at Brave New Traveler, offering a fresh perspective on what travelers should really be looking for.

Google has teamed up with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to offer high-resolution picture of the destruction in Darfur in their Google Earth program – an article on this blending of social activism and cyber tourism can be found at the San Franciso Chronicle.

Kristen Pope over at Vagablogging posts an interview with a couple cyclists who biked all 5,000 km of Marco Polo’s silk road – their advice, stories and a trailer for their documentary here.

If you happen to be traveling in China or South Korea right now, it may be time for a dust-mask; the China Digital Times posts four stunning YouTube videos depicting an epic dust storm currently sweeping through both nations.

Keep wandering, and happy travels!

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