The Lights of San Francisco

I’VE BEEN A SHABBY BLOGGER these days – I’ll just go ahead and admit that. But in my defense it’s felt near impossible to muster up the energy to write a clever post after a day of cycling over massive hills, touring the city and soaking in the atmosphere over pints of beer. Waltzing into the hostel after midnight, the last thing I want to look at is a computer screen.

As far as what I’ve been up to, many of my explorations have mirrored my last trip. After all, San Francisco only has so many neighborhoods. But this trip has been somewhat like re-reading a favorite novel; combing over the streets I see things from a new perspective, can appreciate details I might have missed last time. Cruising the city on a bicycle seat has allowed both Nick and I the mobility to roam between neighborhoods quickly and easily, though we’ve certainly taken time out of the saddle to stroll streets at a slower pace.

The highlights have been bakeries in Chinatown, pints at Vesuvio, and mashing down Post Street blessed with a wave of green lights. The weather has been gorgeous, an endless sea breeze wafting in the sunkissed air. My normally news-addicted self has remained largely uninformed and unplugged – and I can almost hear myself think. The city is an inspiring place, a beautiful crush of people that is consistently intriguing. Imagination grows in its shady corners, while the city bustles in the light.


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