Globalization Hits Journalism: OC Register to Outsource Editing

OUTSOURCING TO INDIA ISN’T just for the tech support or medical transcription industries anymore. Southern California’s Orange County Register has said it plans to outsource some of its copyediting and layout duties to the South Asian country — causing a stir in the already struggling journalism biz (via FP Passport):

Orange County Register Communications Inc. will begin a one-month trial with Mindworks Global Media at the end of June, said John Fabris, a deputy editor at the Register.

Mindworks’ Web site says the company is based outside New Delhi and provides “high-quality editorial and design services to global media firms … using top-end journalistic and design talent in India.”

Editors at Mindworks will work five shifts a week for one month, performing layout for the community paper and editing some stories in the flagship Register, Fabris said. Staffing at the company will not be affected, he said.

If the trial period turns out to be a success (however that may be gauged) it’s hard to believe that staff cuts won’t come in the tailwind — if not at the Register, then at the next paper that chooses to employ overseas editors.

Beyond job concerns, there is the question of how people living thousands of miles away can begin to edit content for which they have no context, for a community in which they have no vested interest. I’m sure the OC paper can expect spectacularly clean text on a technical level. But what it loses may be in the finer details.

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  1. 1 pam June 27, 2008 at 2:00 pm

    I feel like this is something I’ve been expecting for a while. India has large populations of native English speakers – even if it’s not the SAME English – I’m surprised we don’t hear about this more often. I’ve often wondered how long it would be until my job – writing technical docs – gets shipped abroad.

  2. 2 July 6, 2008 at 11:47 am

    I’m feeling more and more like I live in a Cyberpunk setting.

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