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Art Travel Moment: David Choe in London

OVER AT WOOSTER COLLECTIVE, they have a couple amazing shots of artist David Choe taking to the walls of London and creating some insanely intricate pieces. Choe, who has been interviewed by publications like Giant Robot and has gained a kind of fame in the world of street art, is known for his wild and unfiltered style — the art seems to reflect the man, as shown in this short YouTube documentary.

Choe’s web site says that he is currently homeless — wandering from city to city, painting “anything and everything, as well as on anything and everything.”

No Bringing Beer to the US?

ALL HE WANTED WAS to bring back some sweet Czech beer to share with his friends in the US – but blogger Happy Scrappy was sternly denied and informed by airport workers in Prague that it was a “policy of (his) country” not to allow beer through.

I tried to reason with them, but they weren’t having it. “Policy of your country,” they’d keep saying. My country. My country. And oh, State Department: I was ashamed. Ashamed to be American. Ashamed that here I was, in this foreign land that had been so good and welcoming to me, and yet I cannot be more than a representation our silly, unwelcoming laws. I don’t even know what these laws are for. No beer? Really? What’s a terrorist to do, make the pilot drunk?

Read the rest of his hilariously angry letter to the State Department here.

The Ugly Tourist

A YouTube video of three Brits who took a trishaw ride in Singapore is making the blogosphere rounds, showing the world the sad result of being a detached tourist. From The Guardian’s newsblog:

Three British tourists who posted a video of themselves laughing at their elderly trishaw driver in Singapore have set off a firestorm of criticism and abuse in the net savvy nation. The tourists repeatedly say that they can walk faster as they snigger. They then try to stiff the driver, initially claiming that they had been robbed and then simply walking off to catch a taxi. The 26-year-old who posted the video with the title “the Slowest Taxi in SE Asia” took the video down after hundreds of vitriolic comments from Singaporeans.”

In the first few seconds, their laughter might seem innocuous enough – the trishaw is moving rather slow – but after a few chortles it becomes cruel, insensitive, and arrogant. The trishaw driver is a human being doing his job, an old man who still has to break his back and put up with young punks to make a living.

The real shame here is the breakdown our ability to understand, to relate to one another; the sad truth is that the ugly tourist is but a symptom of a more rampant apathy that disconnects our world.

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