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Japan Changes Up Foreigner Registry

ATTENTION ALL EXPATS IN Japan: the central government is considering changing the laws regarding foreigner registration. Consult with your local immigration office to make sure you’ve covered all the angles. From NHK World News:

Under the plan, foreign registration cards now issued by municipal authorities will be abolished. These cards are issued regardless of eligibility to stay in Japan.

In their place, the central government will issue IC cards to foreign residents registering their names, addresses and family information.

The draft plan will also require foreign residents to report to their old and new municipalities when they move within Japan. Under the current system, they are not obliged to do so.

The new system will allow local governments to check if foreign residents actually live at their registered addresses.

The central government is also considering simplifying the procedures for registered foreign residents so that they can continue to receive education and other administrative services after they move to a new municipality.

The government intends to hear views from experts and municipal officials before moving to implement the plan.


This Week’s Wandering News

  • The Guardian’s Vicky Baker is looking to get off the Lonely Planet grid by “Going Local” in South America, putting couchsurfing and other hospitality sites to the test. Follow her three month journey here.
  • In South Korea, rising oil prices are getting people to start thinking about greener products, says the JoongAng Daily. Local vendors are selling more bicycles, especially of the folding variety, and Samsung just released a hot new low-energy plasma TV.
  • Never mind the pre-election bullying from local Maoists, The New York Times says tourism is up in Nepal, and is drawing well-seasoned travelers seeking spiritual solace — and yetis.
  • A man was charged on Friday with trying to light an airplane seat on fire during a flight from Las Vegas to Seattle. Maybe he was trying to get them to land closer to his home in Ashland, Ore. — or maybe he just wasn’t happy with his economy seating.
  • Thousands protested American military presence in Okinawa today following gruesome rape cases involving marines, says AFP. I’m scratching my head as to why we still have troops in the pacifist nation.

Happy Sunday. Safe travels, and don’t eat too many peeps.

‘Living Carelessly in Tokyo’

Via New York Times writer Howard French, author and translator John Nathan has a new book coming out that chronicles “life at the center of the arts and intellectual scene in Tokyo (and elsewhere) in the 1960s.” French received a pre-publication copy of Nathan’s Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere, and had some high praise for it.

Nathan has translated the works of such famous Japanese authors as Yukio Mishima, a fervent nationalist who killed himself by ritual seppuku (but not before making a chilling film about it), and according to Wikipedia Nathan was also the first American to be admitted to Tokyo University as a regular student.

With the unique window that Nathan likely has into Japanese culture it looks to be a good read for the literary traveler.

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