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Lost Coast: Trump Wins Right to Build over Scottish Dunes

Dunes at Balmedie. Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo by doublebug.

Dunes at Balmedie. Aberdeen, Scotland. Photo by doublebug.

SCOTTISH COASTLINE, MAKE WAY for Trump. The billionaire developer won the right on Monday to doze a unique and ecologically sensitive stretch of dunes just north of Aberdeen, infuriating environmentalists and many locals while others cheered for new jobs. The land will give way to “the world’s greatest golf course,” along with a village of luxury homes and timeshares that will pay for the whole project.

A fisherman and his wife whose house sits at the center of the property have said they aren’t going anywhere; wonder if we’ll see anything like the resistance Wu Ping put up in China. Either way, it’s another sour lesson that despite the boost in “green” rhetoric of late, humans are still chiefly concerned with greenbacks. From the Guardian:

[…] The planning inspectors ruled that the damage to the dunes was outweighed by the resort’s substantial value to the economy – a judgment challenged by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

“It appears that the desires of one high profile overseas developer, who refused to compromise one inch, have been allowed to override the legal protection of this important site,” said Aedan Smith, head of planning for RSPB Scotland.

Martin Ford, the Liberal Democrat councillor whose casting vote against the development forced Scottish ministers to “call in” the plans, said: “This is a very, very bad precedent indeed and sends out a bad message about the protection in Scotland of our natural heritage sites.

“It appears to me to be a vanity project. I don’t think we can claim this is a nationally important development, and it certainly did not need to be built on this site.”

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