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(UPDATE) Irrawaddy Under Attack, Still Unavailable

SEOUL — THE BURMA-FOCUSED MAGAZINE The Irrawaddy sent a message to its on-line subscribers today saying that both its main and mirror sites are down due to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, one year after the beginning of the Saffron Revolution. The publication is, in the meantime, continuing to report from a blogger site.

On Tuesday, we received reports that the Internet in Burma was running slowly, suggesting a concerted effort to prevent information from going in or out of the country.

Then on Wednesday, our colleagues and subscribers in the US, Japan and Malaysia notified our Thailand-based office that they were unable to access our Web site.

A few hours later, I-NET, the largest host server in Thailand, confirmed: “Your site has been under distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack since around 5pm.”

I-NET finally decided to shut down our server.

Singlehop, which hosts The Irrawaddy’s mirror site, explained: “Your server is under a major attack. Due to the size of the attack our network engineers had to null route the IP to negate it. When the attack has subsided we will remove the null route.”

Singlehop told us that the cyber attack was very sophisticated.

Currently, our Web site is disabled and we have been forced to launch our daily news in blogs. Fellow exiled news agencies Democratic Voice of Burma and New Era were also disabled.


Traveler’s Tools: Localize Your Photos

I MAY BE TRAILING behind the bandwagon a bit on this, but I when I came upon through a contact’s flickr photostream today, I was blown away. Perusing digital satellite imagery on this site, I was able to browse gorgeous photos taken by people from around the globe and visualize the very streets on which they were taken (screenshot above).

Flickr’s sluggish geotagging system has always frustrated me; it’s such a cool concept, but the delivery is so slow and the map images are often fuzzy – loc.alize is about as opposite as can be, with quick loading, slick browsing, and crisp satellite maps. A simple java tool provided by Sumaato Labs makes putting your flickr photos on the map extremely simple, a great way to show friends and relatives more precisely where you’ve been as you traipse around the world.

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